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Institute for Government Innovation

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Leverage the expertise of the University to meet your needs.

Solving problems

For more than 15 years, the Institute for Government Innovation has served State, County, and Municipal Government agencies and governmental influence organizations, like associations, in Texas.

Many of these organizations experience staff shortages and even FTE constraints. At times, particular expertise is needed for a short-term project rather than a full-time employee. In other cases a new perspective is necessary from an unbiased third-party.

By contracting through interagency and interlocal agreements, the Institute for Government Innovation can effectively augment your staff for short- and long-term projects. These agreements provide access to the University's vast technological resources but, more importantly, the expertise of faculty, and the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm of students.

These collaborations serve to benefit organizations and their operations, the University's educational and research goals, and the public who are impacted by the efficient and effective operation of government agencies.

Solving a Maze Problem

Our Services

People Working

As a part of the University, our services have great breadth and depth. The Institute can draw from the wide array of departments within the University. In particular, the Institute represents the Department of Geography. In most cases this association will be noticeable in the application of a geographic perspective. However, this does not exclude incorporating faculty and students from other departments to broaden perspectives, such as Business, Political Science, Computer Science, and countless others.


Our 2020 Vision

2020 vision

While we will continue providing the services we have provided historically such as data analysis, research, and policy analysis, we will focus on establishing and modernizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for small and mid-size organizations in Texas. These efforts will include data collection and data digitization.

Our leaders

With more than 40 years of combined experience, our leadership understands you have unique needs. We look forward to working with you to develop a plan and custom building a team to meet your needs.


Rebecca Davio, PhD



Matt Pantuso

Senior Grant Coordinator

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