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Our 2020 Vision

Seeing solutions more clearly

Unifying critical geographic data for access and use

For the past 5 years, the Institute for Government Innovation has focused on solving specific problems for government agencies and trade associations. These problems have had great breadth and depth. They have included detailed statistical analysis, solving communication problems, and making policy and procedure recommendations.

While focusing on these detailed, specific problems, we have learned a few critical lessons that inform our vision for 2020.

2020 Vision
  • A lack of core datasets limits understanding of critical issues
  • Complicated file organization and storage systems limit access for addressing simple and complex needs
  • Smaller organizations, in particular, have trouble finding the resources to do more than what is already required of them

Beginning in 2020, our five-year plan is designed to address these issues. 

While we will continue providing the services we have provided historically, such as data analysis, research, and policy analysis, we will focus on establishing and modernizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for small and mid-size organizations in Texas. These efforts will include data collection and data digitization.

By focusing on these GIS systems, we will be establishing core datasets, simplifying data management using standardized data models, and expanding the abilities of short-staffed GIS organizations.

Establishing core datasets, simplifying data management... and expanding the abilities of short-staffed GIS organizations



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Working together with our clients, we will put together plans and teams to get the data you need in a format you can use.

These improvements will help inform not only your staff and leadership decisions, but also the publics'—and lead to better outcomes for all.

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