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Say the right thing, the right way

Use language and images to communicate effectively

Communication is a critical component of all the projects we complete. The final product may be a report, website, video, map, presentation, or some other communication tool. Depending on your needs, these communication tools can be developed for specific internal and/or external audiences.

While some projects require communication pieces as a delivery mechanism for a report or analysis, other projects require specific expertise to develop a communication piece to address a particular need.

For example, to deliver recommendations to a client, we will likely deliver a final report and presentation, giving full breadth and depth to those recommendations.

In other cases, we may develop website prototypes or provide training to ensure clear communication with your employees charged with implementing our recommendations. No matter what, these communications also serve to document projects and ensure they can be referred to later.

We pride ourselves on translating academic expertise into easy-to-understand, visually appealing, and engaging materials.

Project example


A county department had a website that did not clearly reflect the services they provided to their customers, but also did not have the staff to dedicate to the necessary content analysis and front-end development to reorganize and design their existing website on top of their everyday responsibilities.


By engaging the Institute, the department was able to strategically build teams of subject matter experts to maximize the value of their first-hand knowledge as students working at the Institute analyzed through their complex information architecture. The designs were developed in partnership with the county's IT team so that the new designs could be implemented without issue.

Website improvement example

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