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Data Collection

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Critical questions cannot be answered without critical data

Often, data collection can be expensive and time-consuming for employees who have other primary responsibilities. In other cases, field workers frequently lack a tool to quickly and easily collect reliable data. In either case, the Institute can help.

We have completed primary data collection projects that required students to make large volumes of phone calls or travel to locations across the state, and secondary data collection projects that required intensive online research. We can also develop easy-to-use field applications enabling your employees to collect or update the data you need as part of their everyday responsibilities.

Project example


A trade association with a small staff clearly understood the impact of state and federal laws, but they needed to evaluate how local ordinances were affecting their constituents in different areas across the State.


Students working at the Institute developed a database to systematically capture all relevant local ordinances for more than 280 cities and counties and then qualitatively assessed them. These qualitative scores were combined with extensive demographic data to help identify areas where the organization could focus their support efforts. Custom data-driven pages were generated for state legislators to help easily communicate this information.

Data Collection

Our 2020 Vision

Don't forget to look at our 2020 Vision. We will be focusing on physical asset data collection, such as road signs, signals, curbs, and more!

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