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Policy Analysis

Know your options

Examine the implications of making changes to long-standing policy

Changes in technology, legislation, leadership—all of these might lead to the consideration of new policy. As we grow accustomed to how things have been done, these changes can be intimidating.

Using the vast research capabilities of the University, we can help you to approach these changes confidently. The Institute hires experienced student researchers who can examine how other similar organizations handle similar processes, evaluate the body of research in a given area, and analyze how these differences align with your policy goals, and then recommend changes. An independent third-party recommendation can be invaluable in presenting new ideas to diverse audiences.

Project example


A trade association was aware of legislative changes with potential impact on their constituents. The changes were complicated, and the organization wanted to know the pros and cons of the legislative alternatives on their constituents.


Students working at the Institute used academic research databases, interviews with experts, and benchmarking practices of Texas against other locations, in order to provide an extensive accounting of the pros and cons of the legislative change so the organization's leadership and constituents could make informed decisions and articulate a coherent position to decision-makers. 

Policy Graphic

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