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Process Improvement

Create efficiencies

Examining existing procedures often reveals inefficiencies that are easily fixed

Frequently, processes are in place as part of what has always been done. Without investigation, these processes may be negatively affecting customer and employee satisfaction, or even causing errors. A lot of times it is difficult for those who execute the existing process to see ways it could be improved. 

Students provide a fresh perspective on processes and procedures. They may be able to suggest apps or new communication strategies. By partnering with the Institute, you receive an unbiased third-party look at your processes.

Project example


After receiving a report from outside consultants, a city department needed to evaluate its current practices and formulate action plans to address the report findings. 


Students working at the Institute used standard process modeling techniques such as context diagrams and swim-lane diagrams along with subject matter expert interviews combined with interviews of other organizations, to identify a deficiency in the existing process. After analyzing the information and identifying where processes could be improved, recommendations were formulated.

Swimlane Diagram

Swimlane Diagram with Corrections

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