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Data Digitization

Bring valuable data to life

Data stored on paper and filed can be just what you need to answer your next big question

Paper-based historical data and processes are frequently important elements of an organization's decision making. When these valuable sources of data are kept on paper, the ability to use modern analysis tools and sharing techniques are limited. Data digitization can be tedious and time-consuming. 

We have completed various types of data digitization projects. Engaging students in this type of work can be very beneficial. For one, it will not require your employees to choose between completing their day-to-day work and this additional effort. Second, many of these projects are backlogs that, once cleared, are no longer necessary—making data digitization great temporary staff-augmentation projects we can easily manage.

Project example


A small municipality was modernizing its practices and had historical paper maps containing information necessary in their future processes. However, because city employees had to keep up with their day-to-day responsibilities, they could not devote the staff time necessary to digitize these paper maps.


Students looking for hands-on experience to complement their classroom experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) were hired at the Institute to digitize these paper maps. This enabled the municipality to continue business as usual while their modernization project moved forward at an accelerated pace.

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