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Research is a core function of the Institute for Government Innovation as part of an emerging research institution. Almost all our projects include research. This research serves many functions. Occasionally, the research itself is the final product. More often, the research serves to provide appropriate context and background to a project that involves recommendations or decision-making scenarios. 

Frequently, the everyday functions of our clients curtail the time available to conduct the type of research required to make informed data-driven decisions. As a result, engaging with the Institute and students is a perfect way to ensure the research is conducted thoroughly, accurately, and without bias—without risking falling behind with ongoing responsibilities. College students perform research every day for a diversity of applications.

Project example


The Texas Legislature required a state agency to complete a study of the ramifications of implementing a new technology. This new technology would influence the agency's existing practices. As a result, the agency wanted to make sure the results of the study were not biased by their preferences.


To ensure the results represented the interests of all stakeholders, including the public, the agency engaged with the Institute. Students at the Institute evaluated the practices of other states and agencies, incorporated data analysis to understand the impact, and completed thorough subject matter expert and stakeholder interviews. Ultimately, the research involved many of the Institute's core services, especially data analysis, process analysis, policy analysis, and communication. 

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